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  • dafa经典版:Slurry commissioning procedure time

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  • slurry pump unit adjusted after installation, you can test run, conditional user, you should first use Shimizu trial run, run normal after delivery slurry, test steps are as follows:
            1, open the seal water and cooling water, the pressure is adjusted to a predetermined value
            2, close the outlet valve, the inlet valve is fully open
            3, open the water valve to the pump filled with water (without water intrusion)
            4, start the unit until after the normal speed, open the outlet pressure gauge, if the pressure is normal and stable, you can slowly open the outlet valve until it is fully opened or satisfy the conditions required so far.
    Warning: - Driving impeller trip will reverse, causing the top part axial crack!
           - The mechanical seal must first open the seal water drive, otherwise burn!
           - With a load test, you should close the outlet valve of the pump, and gradually open the valve after startup is complete, to prevent motor overload burned!

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