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  • dafa经典版:Pump troubleshooting Remedy:

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  • (1) according to the season to add or replace grades of oil to meet the requirements of the provisions of the oil surface. Remove the foreign body inside the tubing, joints tighten bolts or nuts;
    (2) replacement of aging or damaged oil seal or "O" ring seal gasket;
    (3) replacement of worn gear pump or pump bushings, wear light when the tablet will face grinding smooth. Its flatness tolerance 0.03mm; on the sleeve on the end face of the pump below the plane (normal is less than 2.5 ~ 2.6mm), such as ultra-poor should be the next sleeve plus 0.1 ~ 0.2mm copper to compensate, when installing the should be put into the sleeve at the rear axle;
    (4) unloading pieces and sealing ring must be installed in the inlet chamber, two bushes in order to maintain balance. Unloading film sealing ring shall have the preload amount of 0.5mm;
    (5) should be able to stretch the wire guide while the upper and lower sleeve towards the driven gear to reverse the direction of rotation by a small angle, the main driven gear sleeve machining plane two tight fit;
    (6) put unloading tank must be installed in the low pressure chamber side to eliminate harmful dead volume when closing gear;
    Before (7) into the self-tight seal, should be coated with a layer of oil on the surface, but also pay attention to the resistance of the oil toward the edge of the front cover, can not hold against;
    (8) "D" pump can not be installed on the "L" machine, otherwise washed out oil seal;
    (9) before loading pump cover, pour a small amount of oil required to pump housing and turn the gear by hand;
    (10) in the pump cover is not installed before tightening the bolts, check the clearance between the pump cover and pump, is between 0.3 ~ 0.6mm, if the gap is too small, you should replace the big ring and relief items. Hydraulic pump installed, should be flexible rotation without wiring.


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