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  • dafa经典版:Why not pumping water pump

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  • Pump at work because of some reasons no water pumps pumping, the following is possible for us to encounter some situations.
    An inlet pipe and an air pump body
    1, before starting the pump is not filled with enough water, irrigation water sometimes looks overflow from the bleed hole, but still a little air left in the inlet pipe or pump body.
    2, one end of the inlet pipe connected to the pump inlet above the pump, will remain within this part of the air, the pipes and reduces the degree of vacuum pump, it increases the water absorption.
    3, the filler or fillers wear loose large amount of water discharged from the gap filler and the sleeve shaft, the outer air into the interior of the pump from the gap, affecting the degree of vacuum, the pump is not pumping.
    4, at the inlet pipe bends, cracks appeared slight gap junction inlet pipe and pump the air into the intake pipe, impact-absorbent.
    Second, the pump speed is too low
    1, free to choose the motor causing damage to the pump motor does not match the amount of traffic caused by a small, head low and even no water.
    2, the transmission belt wear. Wear the belt slack, a slip phenomenon, reducing the pump speed.
    3, improper installation. Two pulley center distance is too small or two axes are not parallel, the belt is too tight to install above, resulting in small corners, two pulley diameter calculation error and associated pump drive shaft eccentricity larger two axes, etc., will cause the pump changes in speed.
    4, the pump shaft bending deformation, displacement impeller directly with the pump friction, or bearing damage, reducing the pump speed.
    5, because the motor windings burned, while changing magnetic loss, maintenance of winding turns, diameter, wiring methods, or repair the fault is not completely exclude factors also cause the pump speed changes.
    Third, other factors
    As the pump on hold for too long, the bottom valve gasket is stuck dead, no bottom valve gasket may rust, bottom valve open. Potential water sludge layer bottom valve caused filter clogging. Impeller wear serious. Impeller blades wear out after prolonged use, the impact of the pump performance. Faulty valve or check valve blockage can cause smoke or no water flow decreases. Outlet conduit will affect the leakage of water mentioned.

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