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  • dafa经典版:Pump cavitation prevention and mitigation approaches

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  • First, improve the anti-cavitation performance of the pump 1, lower NPSH
    (1) double suction impeller pumps. Since the double suction pump NPSH Δhc than single-stage single-suction pump NPSH Δhc small, for the same speed n and pump flow rate Q, maximize the use of double suction impeller.
    (2) appropriate to increase the diameter of the impeller inlet and increasing the width of the blade entrance. When the inlet vane impeller inlet diameter and width increases, the impeller inlet absolute speed and relative speed are reduced, we can see the critical pump NPSH reduced. But this time minus the impeller inlet drain ring size increases, the increase in the amount of leakage, the volumetric efficiency of the pump will be reduced.
    (3) before the addition of inducing impeller wheel. Set in front of the centrifugal pump impeller inducer. Induced leaf wheel and pump running, running along the coaxial wheel assembly which produces pressure, the pressure on the impeller inlet which produces pressurized, improve the anti-cavitation performance of the pump. But additional inducer, will pump performance is unstable, and therefore, still need to be further exploration and research.
    2, improve the ability of anti-cavitation flow over parts of materials in order to reduce pump cavitation flow components for damage and prolong its service life, the choice is often a strong anti-cavitation properties of materials. Such as the use of cast manganese bronze, stainless steel and alloy steel casting impeller and other materials; or coated with a polymer or laser deposition surface flow components to resist cavitation damage. In addition, surface finishing flow components to improve their finish, will also reduce cavitation damage.
    Second, the ability to raise anti-cavitation water device
    NPSH is closely related to the water system and piping systems, the water should be well-designed device, as much as possible to improve the pump NPSH imports to meet the requirements of the pump-action drop.


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