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  • dafa经典版:Slurry seal the origin and classification

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  • Slurry seal is a seal rotating pump shaft and fixed between. The main effect is to prevent the high pressure shaft seal leakage of fluid from the pump

    and to prevent air from entering the pump. Although the share of the pump shaft seal location is not large, but the pump is operating correctly and

    seal but closely related. If the seal improper selection, not only in the operation requires frequent maintenance, leakage lot of liquid to be

    transported, and may be due to leakage of flammable, explosive and toxic liquids cause fire, explosion and poisoning accidents, the consequences could

    be disastrous. Therefore, the choice must be reasonable in order to ensure safe operation of the seal structure slurry pump. The slurry pump seal are

    the following categories it? Slurry pump seal points: packing seal, expeller seal packing and mechanical seals.
    Usually the pump packing is the most common form of seal, by preventing contact with the filler and the surface of the medium through the shaft to

    achieve the purpose of sealing. In sealing contact between the existence of many small gaps and grooves, therefore, apply enough clamping force to

    achieve the necessary sealing pressure, can produce plastic deformation filler to reduce the gap. Because there is always a certain shaft surface

    roughness, it is impossible to achieve the desired contact with the filler, there must be a slight gap exists, thus forming numerous "Labyrinth."

    Damping effect of these tiny gap on the media repeatedly twists the throttle and play, as well as stagnant boundary layer in the gap generated by

    factors such as "Labyrinth" effect, leading to a gap blocking to achieve seal. It can be seen, the sealing effect is blocked with a dielectric filler

    material into the contact surface between the shaft in the gap formed.
    Filler and expeller seal is between the impeller and the packing seal, expeller an increase, it is still packing seal, its effect than a single

    packing is good, but at the same time increase the slurry pump power consumption.
    Mechanical seals are generally used for flammable, toxic and expensive liquid or high pressure, very low temperature, highly corrosive liquids, which

    are made up of soft packing seal deficiencies in slurry applications. Although mechanical seal tight and reliable seal, but improper installation,

    will increase leakage, shortened life expectancy, even as packing.

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