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  • dafa经典版:Self-priming sewage pump priming how to improve performance

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  • The following improved self-priming sewage pump self-priming performance in several ways
    The first: self-priming sewage pump suction pipe ends to install suction end of the valve.
    Suction end of the valve is actually a non-return valve, which can only be guaranteed by the pool water into the suction tube and can not turn the

    clock back, so if the water pipe is filled with water, although the axis of elevation above the pool pump working level, but because of suction end

    acting valve, the water will not flow into the suction tube pool, make the suction tube has been filled with water to ensure the pump can

    automatically and quickly started. The reliability of this absorbing way affected the quality of suction end of the valve, for example, closed lax,

    leaks, water suction tube will slowly shed pool, a long time, there is no water in the suction pipe, causing the pump starts when still require

    artificial irrigation.
    Second: reduce self-priming sewage pump inlet pipe bend, drop height and horizontal distance.
    Third: self-priming pump sewage pump set before the suction tank.
    This approach needs to be set on the pump suction pipe of a suction tank, the pump before the first run, the tank should be filled with water

    manually, after the first run stopped because the suction tank inlet pipe height above the water level, although the pool water level is lower than

    the height of the water tank, the tank water will not be back into the pool, so, water tank can store some water, and because the suction tank outlet

    pipe (ie pump suction pipe) Height below the water level inside the tube, it is filled with water to ensure the pump suction pipe, then run after the

    pump, the water inside the tank is pumped pump, the tank appears negative, pools of water under atmospheric pressure added suction tank through the

    suction tank pool
    Fourth: self-priming sewage pump set Vacuum pump suction pipe in the road, before starting the pump, vacuum pump first start, the first pump suction

    tube filled with water, the pump automatically guarantee quick start. This approach requires a sound absorbing automatic control system to ensure the

    normal operation

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