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  • dafa经典版:Several factors affect the efficiency of the water pump

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  • 1 . Pump efficiency itself is the most fundamental influence . Pump efficiency under the same operating conditions may differ by more than 15% .
    2 . Pump operating conditions is lower than the rated operating conditions of the pump , the pump efficiency is low , high energy consumption .
    3 . Motor efficiency in the use of essentially unchanged. So choose a high-efficiency motors of crucial importance .
    4 . Pump efficiency is affected primarily related to the design and manufacturing quality . After the pump is selected , the smaller the impact on

    subsequent management .
    5. Hydraulic losses including loss of hydraulic friction and local resistance . Pump run after a certain time , inevitably led to the part surface of

    the impeller and guide vanes and other wear and tear, water loss increases , reducing the hydraulic efficiency .
    6. Pump the volume loss , also known as leakage losses , including impeller seal ring, class , three axial force balance mechanism leakage losses .

    Volumetric efficiency is not only the level of design and manufacture , but also with the late management. A continuous running time of the pump , due

    to friction between the components , the gap increases , the volumetric efficiency is reduced.
    7 . Since the filter cylinder block , intake pipes and other causes centrifugal evacuation and idling.
    8. Before the water pump started, employees do not pay attention to the preparatory work before the centrifugal pump starts , warm pump , disc pumps,

    infusion pumps and other basic operating procedures do not completely , often causing pump cavitation , causing the pump noise, vibration, pump

    efficiency low .

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