While we are mainly a theatrical website, sometimes world news dictates things that are vitally important to address, such as:


Currently, the world is facing an outbreak of Ebola.  For weeks we have had 24-hour/day talk of Ebola (never anything else!). Of course, we know that Ebola is frightening and the lack of information on this deadly disease is very concerning, especially for those in the medical field.

However for we Americans, there is a far deadlier disease we often overlook because it seems so commonplace and that is: Influenza.

Here we are at the start of the flu season and all everyone is focused on is Ebola.  Only one person in America has died from Ebola, whereas thousands will die from the flu this winter.

So I thought I would take a minute to urge you to go get your flu shot RIGHT NOW!  As you know, the shots are available in every drug store and doctor’s office.

Isn’t mankind strange?  Here we have a disease that contributes to an estimated 36,000 deaths of Americans annually, but it is overshadowed by a disease that—even during an outbreak—kills less than 5,000 people worldwide.  Ebola requires one to touch infected bodily fluids, whereas flu is airborne, thereby making it easy to catch anywhere: subways, buses, libraries, parties, etc.  Right now there isn’t a vaccine for Ebola, but there is for Influenza and while the flu vaccine isn’t infallible, it is effective.

In the wise words of Ruth Marcus from The Washington Post

You should [get a flu shot today], too. Stop fretting about the unlikely. Do something about the predictable.



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