Remember The Alamo!

Such wonderful news:  Texas has won the day!

The Alamo Drafthouse Theater released a statement saying that it will open the controversial movie, The Interview, on Christmas Day.

It makes such wonderful sense that Texas would be the state to lead the charge, because Texas has a great history of fighting and winning against her enemies.  And we feel it’s no coincidence this charge is led by a Texas company with the name Alamo!  Remember the Alamo!

It is interesting to see that Texans who own movie theaters had the courage to stand up and say to Sony Pictures “we’ll play the movie and we’ll play it on Christmas Day!”  And now independent theaters in other states are starting to join in on the release date.

We are dying to hear how the opening—Christmas—day will be received.  We are so proud of this wonderful state.  A great aspect of this Christmas Day Opening is that it says who we are as a nation and that we will not be cowed into forfeiting our freedom of speech.  If we do that, then the hackers who are trying to cause and incite panic will win.

In the realm of the arts, we have always had to fight harder for our rights to be heard and we applaud these amazing theaters willing to step up and say “let the show go on”!

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