Broadway Hit!

This picture is every producer’s dream—lots of people scurrying to buy tickets!  In fact, when Oklahoma! opened in 1943, we had to hire a full time policeman to handle the crowds (a rare expense a producer doesn’t mind paying!).


At any rate, this picture of the line out front of A Majority of One in February 1959 makes us think of what a pleasure it is to have a hit play on Broadway.

Majority was written by Leonard Spigelgass and directed by Dore Schary.  Gertrude Berg plays a Jewish mother on a ship to Japan, where her son has been killed in the War.  On board the ship, she meets a Japanese business man, played by Sir Cedric Hardwicke (a lovely man!), with whom she falls in love.

We all know that only one out of four Broadway plays earns its money back, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from constantly fighting to get their plays produced.

All we can say as producers is “we’re sure this next one will be a hit!”

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