A Celebration of the Life and Music of Ray Kennedy

A most wonderful musical event took place two weeks ago in St. Louis that involved our family.

The event was a tribute concert at the Sheldon Theatre, honoring the great jazz pianist, Ray Kennedy. Ray was our son-in-law (married to our daughter Eve), who died in May.

Headlining the concert was Bucky Pizzarelli and The John Pizzarelli Trio, led by famous jazz performer John Pizzarelli, alongside his brother Martin on bass and Konrad Paszkudzki on piano. Ray played piano with The John Pizzarelli Trio for over 11 years.

Ray is survived by his wife, Eve Langner and two young daughters: Lauren and Brielle. And both girls have inherited their father’s musical genius.

Lauren, age 14, is a most accomplished flautist, who played at Carnegie Hall—just like her father.

Brielle, age 12, provided one of the most moving moments of the concert when John invited her up on stage to play for the entire theatre. There was great applause, many tears of happiness, and a standing ovation that our dear Brielle is unlikely to ever forget!

The performance was a huge success and Eve, Lauren, and Brielle were bowled over by the emotional love and support shown by all.

While so many people made the concert a success, our profound thanks goes to John Pizzarelli, Bucky Pizzarelli, Martin Pizzarelli, Konrad Paszkudzki, Paul Reuter (Executive Director of the Sheldon), and Gene Kieren (organizer of the whole event). What an incredible celebration!

ray cut-out

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