Back into The Swing of Things!

Dear Friends:

Wow—what a crazy few weeks!  We returned from our lovely vacation with our family and launched right into preparations for our latest performance of Ed Asner in FDR.  It was in Cape Girardeau, MO on October 8th.

We received the following letter from the Assistant Director with whom we were working and thought we’d share how well everything went!

“I must say the audience – myself included – loved the piece.  This is a fantastic play; it moved many people to tears.  It made me realize that just reading about world events isn’t enough.  Seeing “FDR” (the man) on stage, feeling his emotion, hearing his urgency – even terror – directly from the Oval Office at a time before I was born, brought a new dimension to history.

Mr. Asner is, absolutely, the nicest person I’ve ever met this side of the footlights.  He’s the only actor I’ve known who was interested in talking about something besides himself.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but he is just such a nice guy – and that is high praise coming from me.

I also enjoyed working with Ron Nash.  I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out backstage, but the short visits before and after the show with both Ed and Ron were so enjoyable.  Despite the hectic schedule and all the travel, both were true gentlemen.  It’s obvious they have worked together for a long time and get along well.  It was a most relaxed and congenial atmosphere.

I want to thank you for helping me bring this show to Cape Girardeau.  It’s the most enjoyable evening I’ve had in a long time.

All best,

Robert Cerchio, Assistant Director
Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts
Cape Girardeau, MO

A BIG Thanks to Ed and Ron for making it such a great night!

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