30 Million Men

Dear Friends,

Sometimes the greatest drama comes to us from real life, and so today we’d like to talk about the 30 million men in China.

Many years ago (about 35), the rulers of China decided they would reduce their burgeoning population by limiting every family to one child.

Marilyn and I remember the occasion very well because we were certain that it was one of the craziest ideas ever thought of.  We didn’t fully go into all the possible results of this new law, but it evoked enormous head-shaking on our part in knowing that while China was trying to address their problem, they were not giving pause to the implications and ramifications that this law would set forth.  In society where a male child was preferable, no one stopped to think what would happen if there were only male children.

NOW WE SEE THE RESULT.  Some 35 years later there are 30 million men and 0 (+/-) women (aka very few) in the same age group.  So what the hell are these men going to do?  China is now seeing a whole host of interesting problems crop up:

  1. First of all, one has to imagine the sex trade is growing exponentially right now!
  2. And of course, they will have no wives to make their lives happy and worthwhile (and Marilyn didn’t even tell me to say that! Ha!)
  3. The majority of these men will never have children—and thus there will be no one to take care of them when they are old.
  4. Articles that we have read have said that marriage-age Chinese women are only seeking out the wealthiest men—and why not? There are 30 million suitors from which to choose!

The monumental and colossal 30 million men conundrum that China created 35 years ago.  How will it be solved?  Can it be solved?  China announced this week that it will be repealing its “one child” law—but is it too late?

WHAT A HAPPENING!  Lord, we need help!

—Philip & Marilyn

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