The New Globe

Dear Friends,

Our last post about “making the nut,” always makes us think about Shakespeare and the glories of theatre at that time.

We are reminded about the story of London’s New Globe Theatre—it’s a wonderful story!


A friend of ours, Sam Wanamaker, had the idea in 1969 of building a New Globe in London, just like the Old Globe Theatre that Shakespeare played in, which burned down in 1644.  Sam worked and worked for 18 years, and in 1987 work commenced on the new theatre.

I was lucky enough to be in London at the time and friendly with the producers involved.  I remember visiting the theatre as it was under construction and seeing all the aspects of the original theatre.

It was so thrilling and Sam must be highly celebrated for his glorious concept and his amazing creation—it is an exact replica of the original, except of course for the thatched roof!

It’s there right now—and when in London, you should certainly go see it!

Best regards,


Philip & Marilyn

PS—all this reminiscing has given us the idea of finding out about the theatres and plays that led up to our present theatre culture and we can’t wait to share our findings with you!

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