Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller

Dear Friends,

Last night we watched a wonderful performance Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller on WLIW Channel 21 (Long Island PBS). Who knew?!?

This is such an amazing play that was set in France during WWII.  It tells the story of eight men and one boy picked up under suspicion of being a Jew or a Jewish sympathizer.  The play takes us through the Nazi interviews of each of these men/boy, and the decision of whether to release each one or have them board a train to the concentration camps.

Incident at Vichy is quite remarkable and we love it!  We would highly recommend this play to everyone.

Thankfully, WLIW has made it available online (click the picture!)


It is also shown from time to time on WLIW Channel 21.

Do watch—we’d love to hear your thoughts about this incredible play!

Best regards,

Philip and Marilyn Langner

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