Hamilton Rising!

Dear Friends,

Hamilton continues to be perhaps the most stunningly successful play of our lifetimes!

hamilton official

The big news yesterday was that it received 16 Tony Award Nominations—the largest number in Tony History, which goes back 70 years!

For all of us in the theatre, we don’t recall any initial success as big as this.

The closest that come to mind are Fiddler on The Roof and My Fair Lady.  Of course, it is hard to compare these plays accurately, as all of the great hits prior to Hamilton occurred in the pre-social media/internet world and did not have the instant world-wide publicity and acclaim that Hamilton enjoys.

Today we wanted to share with you another manifestation of Hamilton’s popularity:

The book “Hamilton Revolution,” which is a behind the scenes look at making the musical and written by Hamilton author Lin-Manual Miranda and cultural critic Jeremy McCarter, is flying off the shelves!

In fact, the New York Times quips (quite correctly) that getting the book isn’t any easier than getting a ticket!  The book, which came out on April 12th, is now in its second printing and it estimated to have 400,000 copies in print by the summer!

It seems we just can’t get enough!  Congrats to Miranda and the entire cast and crew of Hamilton on their 16 Tony nominations!

Best regards,

Philip & Marilyn

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