Much More Than 25₵!

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to share with you a fun article we read on our newsfeed—Rare Batch of 1970 Quarters Worth Much More than 25 Cents.

The gist of the article is that these rare quarters were printed in error and they are worth a tad more than 25₵–one recently sold on Ebay for up to $35,000!


Check your pockets—you could be sitting on a fortune!


Philip & Marilyn

Here’s how to do it:

  1. You look on the head side. At the bottom of Washington’s head there is a date.   If the date is 1970—you are miles ahead!
  2. Turn over the 1970 coin. If above the word “dollar,” there is a tiny “1941” THEN YOU HAVE WON THE JACKPOT—POSSIBILY $35,000!

NOTE: coins released after 1998 have a completely different layout (aka The State Coins—honoring each of the states).  Contact us if you need help!

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