Go Vote.

Dear Friends,

As you know, tomorrow will be historical in that for the first time ever The United States will have a woman on the ballot, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Is she perfect?

No, she is not.  No one is, especially when under the scrutiny that she has endured over the years.  But of all the candidates who are on the ballot is by far the most qualified for the position of President of the United States.

Hillary has spent her life trying to make this country better and that is why we are with her.


But that’s not entirely why we are here today.  We are also here to urge you to go vote.  Voter turn-out for Presidential Elections hovers at an appalling 50% of the population eligible to vote.  50%!  Unlike many countries where voting is mandatory, here in the United States it is not.  Thus, rather than electing officials that are a true representation of what the people want, we elect officials based on what 50% of the population wants.

If you truly don’t like the political path this country is on—and we think that was shown by the Republican shirking all their top party officials to nominate a businessman—then make the time to go vote.  Not just for President, but for Federal and State Congressman and Senators, for the Mayor of your town, for the County Judge.  It all starts with a vote—your vote.  Yes, lines will be long but isn’t it worth standing in line to have your voice heard?

We are voting at 4pm tomorrow, how about you?

Be heard.  Be a part of history.  Go vote.


Best regards,

Philip and Marilyn Langner

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