Puritanical Thinking

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we had a lovely conversation with a friend who is originally from Bulgaria, but now lives in Texas.

She was telling us how she was brought up in Bulgaria, where both the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches had congregations.

The subject of the conversation was that her family and the people she knew did not believe that mankind arrived in this world as sinners.

Think of that! You and we, when we were born, had not done anything evil. We were completely free, innocent, and kindly human beings. How much evil could we have done in our mother’s womb?

When I (Philip) was a child I went to church every Sunday and was totally sold on the fact that I was loaded with sin!

That’s the end of today’s sermon! We do not have to feel that all our thoughts are EVIL.

Enjoy life!
Philip & Marilyn

Crazy Arts Happening

originally published May 11, 2016

Dear Friends,

Today we are visiting a troubling subject.

It is the effect of The Puritans on all of our lives (here in the United States).  The latest example, unfortunately, is that a big NYC arts organization has let its CEO go—right as he was about to begin a multimillion-dollar fund raising campaign—because he was having an affair with another high ranking executive in the company.  Both were consenting adults and both were executives.

According to the company the reason he is being let go is that he didn’t report his affair to the company.

Can you imagine how the people in Europe—think France—are laughing insanely at us?!  Think of the hundreds of thousands of theatre-goers who may well be deprived of great theatre as a result of the Puritans landing here several hundred years ago!

It reminds me of a conversation with a great friend and London theatre owner—we were talking about the Puritans and their effect on life in America, like no drinking on Sundays and so many other matters—just look at all the Blue Laws in each state!  My English friend said to me:

“Well yes, you got the Puritans and we got rid of them!”  Good friends, our lives have been affected by these Puritans constructs in thousands of ways—many of which we are not even aware!

Would love to hear your thoughts about the effects of the Puritanism in your life.


Philip and Marilyn

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