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The Theatre Guild on the Air

Dear Friends,

In digging through our archives today, we were reminded that on this day—July 12th—a mere 58 years ago in 1961we released Watching Out for Dulie. It was adapted to television for our series, “The US Steel Hour,” by Arthur Heinemann from a novel by David Hestheimer and starred Larry Blyden, Shari Lewis, Patricia Cutts, and Lloyd Bochner.

In 1945, The Theatre Guild began broadcasting a radio program called The Theatre Guild on the Air in an effort to bring theatre into the homes of millions of radio listeners. After 8 years of presenting weekly plays on the radio, it was decided that an even better and further reaching medium for The Theatre Guild on the Air would be television.

The United States Steel Corporation came on board as sponsor to present “The US Steel Hour” every other week. Our show ran on NBC until its final performance in 1963, starring our beloved Theatre Guild favorites Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt.

While we were unable to locate Watching Out for Dulie for online viewing, UCLA—which houses part of The Theatre Guild archives, and is alma mater to Marilyn—has posted some of the episodes of “The US Steel Hour” on YouTube, which you can find here:

Best regards,
Philip & Marilyn Langner

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Broadway Karaoke

Dear Friends,

To help set the stage for tomorrow night’s Tony Awards, we found this wonderful YouTube video with this year’s host, James Corden, and special guests Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Audra McDonald, and Jane Krakowski singing a variety of songs, such as from Hamilton, Rent, and Les Miserables.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did—it sure looked like they had fun making it!


Philip & Marilyn

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Bringing Broadway to The Grammys

Dear Friends,

Last night we saw a scene from Hamilton on television during the Grammy awards!  We were able to find the performance on YouTube today and wanted to share it with you in case you did not get a chance to watch.

We also want to congratulate Lin-Manuel Miranda on his Grammy last night!

It was wonderful to get an idea of what this phenomenal musical is like—and we can’t wait to see it ourselves!


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