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The Year of Shakespeare

Dear Friends,

In our newsletter today, we want to tell you about an amazing new happening in Chicago. They are having a yearlong celebration of Shakespeare, including theatre, dance, music, art, and literature.  It’s all here for you below!

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Chicago Shakespeare

“Chicago hosts largest global celebration of Shakespeare’s 400-year legacy in 2016 featuring theater, dance, music, art, literature and cuisine

Yesterday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was joined by Chicago Shakespeare Theater Artistic Director Barbara Gaines, Executive Director Criss Henderson, and leaders of the City’s cultural institutions to announce Shakespeare 400 Chicago—a yearlong international arts festival in 2016 celebrating the playwright’s vibrancy, relevance and reach. As the world commemorates four hundred years since Shakespeare’s death in 1616, this Quadricentennial festival explores how his words continue to live in Chicago—uniting our city’s cultural, creative and educational institutions, and welcoming leading artists from around the globe to make Chicago their stage.”

To read more, watch videos, or request a brochure, go to The Shakespeare 400 Chicago website.

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