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The Terms

Dear Friends,

Last week on television, film maker Michael Moore announced a marvelous happening—he is coming to Broadway with his play, The Terms of My Surrender.  According to Moore:

it’s a humorous comedy about a country that just elected a madman as president.

The play, which Moore says is “simultaneously entertaining and infuriating,” will run for 12 weeks at the Belasco Theatre, with previews starting July 28th. To purchase tickets click here.
terms of surrender
We think this is brilliant and cannot wait to go see it!  As we have said in a few past articles (Power of Theatre and President Trump), we believe one of theatre’s biggest responsibilities is to speak out about the political culture of our time.

Thank you Michael Moore—we know that it will be a huge success!

And before we go, we’d like to leave you with a great quote from Arthur Miller:
Best regards,
Philip & Marilyn Langner
The Theatre Guild

PS—to read more about this play, you can click here to see an article from the New York Times.

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The Power of Theatre

Dear Friends,

Today we wanted to discuss with you an incredible theatre happening that occurred a couple of weeks ago:

It is the conflict between The Theatre, as represented by Hamilton, and the Government-to-be, as represented by Vice-President Elect Mike Pence.

As you all know, Vice President-Elect Pence went to a performance of Hamilton where he was specifically addressed by the cast at the end of the performance (their spokesperson being Brandon Dixon).

Mr. Dixon made a plea to Vice President-Elect Pence–as a representative of our new government starting 20th of January.  The cast requested that Vice President-Elect Pence look out for their interests, aka those of the common people.  While Mr. Pence was walking out of the theatre at the time of the speech, he stopped and listened to what Mr. Harris had to say.


To us, it is a fascinating happening.  It is The Theatre showing its influence on our world.  Not only in the message that the play itself gives the audience, but in this historic case, the actors themselves sent out a message that was viewed—thanks to social media—all around the world.  Theatres have often had an effect on society in the past, starting with William Shakespeare himself.

Personally, we experienced this in mid-1950s with McCarthyism.  At a time when everyone was afraid of being locked up for being a Communist, Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible, which was set during the Salem Witch Trials but in fact, was the very replica of what was happening in America at that time.  The play was so sensational that Miller was interrogated by the US House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities!



President-Elect Trump’s comments aside, we do hope that Vice President-Elect Pence will take these words to heart.  Not as an attack, but as a plea from those who have real concerns for the ideals and path that the new administration seems to be leading us down in order to “make America great again.”  We have always looked to the theatre to lead in voicing current political concerns and we are very proud of the cast of Hamilton for continuing this tradition!

Best regards,

Philip & Marilyn Langner

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Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller

Dear Friends,

Last night we watched a wonderful performance Incident at Vichy by Arthur Miller on WLIW Channel 21 (Long Island PBS). Who knew?!?

This is such an amazing play that was set in France during WWII.  It tells the story of eight men and one boy picked up under suspicion of being a Jew or a Jewish sympathizer.  The play takes us through the Nazi interviews of each of these men/boy, and the decision of whether to release each one or have them board a train to the concentration camps.

Incident at Vichy is quite remarkable and we love it!  We would highly recommend this play to everyone.

Thankfully, WLIW has made it available online (click the picture!)


It is also shown from time to time on WLIW Channel 21.

Do watch—we’d love to hear your thoughts about this incredible play!

Best regards,

Philip and Marilyn Langner

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Arthur Miller Commemorative Stamp

We wanted to share with you today a letter from The Dramatists Guild of America regarding a commemorative stamp for the extraordinary Arthur Miller.  With his genius work, we feel that a centennial stamp is a great way to honor his contribution to great American theatre.

We personally love collecting commemorative stamps of theatre greats, such as Katherine Hepburn and Helen Hayes.  As such, we are urging you to take a few minutes of your time to write or email the Postmaster or The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee (all of their information is in the letter below!).


The Dramatists Guild of America, the national association of playwrights, librettists, composers and lyricists, is proud to support the drive to have Arthur Miller honored with a United States Postage Stamp on the 100th Anniversary of his birth, October 15, 2015. A lifetime member of the Dramatists Guild, Mr. Miller was the first playwright to win the Drama Critics Circle Award, Tony Award, and Pulitzer Prize for Drama all in the same year for DEATH OF A SALESMAN in 1949. Other Miller plays include ALL MY SONS, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, THE PRICE, THE CRUCIBLE, among many others, and no day goes by where one of his plays is not being performed somewhere in the world.

As President of PEN International, Arthur Miller was a powerful voice for free speech not only in his plays and essays but in his speeches and personal appearances. Like other Dramatists Guild members Moss Hart, Tennessee Williams, and Eugene O’Neill, who have all been commemorated with US Postage stamps, Arthur Miller is deserving of this honor. The Dramatists Guild will petition both the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee and the US Postmaster to put forward this request. The Guild also urges its members to support the effort and to encourage theatres, artistic directors, performers, designers, technicians and all the artists who work in the theatres around the country to help this remarkable American writer be properly honored for his life’s work.

Letters of support may be sent to:

The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Room 4474 EB
Washington DC 20260-0010

To contact US Postmaster Patrick R. Donahoe, e-mail can be sent to pmgceo@usps.gov
Arthur Miller’s work was not only timely, but timeless, and his importance to our nation’s history, as both an artist and a citizen, requires proper acknowledgement on the occasion of his centennial. As he himself once wrote, attention must be paid to such a man.

The Dramatists Guild of America
1501 Broadway, Suite 701
New York, NY 10036

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