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Ed in Danbury

Dear Friends,

Today we are writing you about a lovely event that is taking place this Sunday (April 07, 2019) at 3:00pm in Danbury, Connecticut.  It is starring our dear friend Ed Asner in God Help Us! at The Palace Danbury.

We know how brilliant Ed  was as FDR (we presented him in 102 different theatres across the US!), so we know that you will definitely enjoy this show!


Click here or on the picture above for more information and to order tickets:

Our best wishes to you all.

Philip & Marilyn Langner

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100 Years of The Theatre Guild

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

We are so excited about this upcoming year, which marks the 100th Anniversary celebrations for The Theatre Guild. The Theatre Guild was started in 1919 in New York City by my (Philip) father, Lawrence Langner along with Philip Moeller, Helen Westley, Maurice Wertheim, Lee Simonson, and Theresa Helburn. Lawrence’s wife (Philip’s mother), Armina Marshall, served as a co-director.

As we head into the new year, we would like to remind you that January is the perfect time to renew your love of theatre and urge you, now that the holidays will be winding down, to find a show or musical that has piqued your interest and go see it!

But before we jump ahead, we also wanted to take a moment to tell you about a very special place that was created by our dear friend Ed Asner. As you will remember, in recent years Ed had been touring around the U.S. in our production of Dore Schary’s play, FDR. Ed has, along with his son, Matthew, and daughter-in-law, Navah, created The Ed Asner Family Center. This center was created as:

a one-stop shop for those with special needs and their families seeking wholeness in all attitudes of life. The Center will act as an oasis of balance and thought, of interaction and education. Most importantly, The Center will give children and adults of all levels of ability a chance at dignity, confidence, and self-respect. At The Ed Asner Family Center, we do not only cater to the needs of the special child. We aim to enroll the complete family and help them meet the challenges they face with grace.

If you are looking to make a charitable contribution this holiday season, we ask you to please consider this inspiring and wonderful place that is truly making a difference in people’s lives. To read more about The Ed Asner Family Center, learn about the programs and services they offer, or make a donation, please visit their website at http://edasnerfamilycenter.org/

Best wishes for a Happy 2019!
Philip and Marilyn

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Ed Asner & Ron Nash in the FDR Presidential Car

Dear Friends,

As we head into the holiday weekend, we wanted to share this great photo with you!

Happy July 4th!

Best regards,
Philip & Marilyn

The Theatre Guild Newsletter

Ed & Ron

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Back into The Swing of Things!

Dear Friends:

Wow—what a crazy few weeks!  We returned from our lovely vacation with our family and launched right into preparations for our latest performance of Ed Asner in FDR.  It was in Cape Girardeau, MO on October 8th.

We received the following letter from the Assistant Director with whom we were working and thought we’d share how well everything went!

“I must say the audience – myself included – loved the piece.  This is a fantastic play; it moved many people to tears.  It made me realize that just reading about world events isn’t enough.  Seeing “FDR” (the man) on stage, feeling his emotion, hearing his urgency – even terror – directly from the Oval Office at a time before I was born, brought a new dimension to history.

Mr. Asner is, absolutely, the nicest person I’ve ever met this side of the footlights.  He’s the only actor I’ve known who was interested in talking about something besides himself.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but he is just such a nice guy – and that is high praise coming from me.

I also enjoyed working with Ron Nash.  I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out backstage, but the short visits before and after the show with both Ed and Ron were so enjoyable.  Despite the hectic schedule and all the travel, both were true gentlemen.  It’s obvious they have worked together for a long time and get along well.  It was a most relaxed and congenial atmosphere.

I want to thank you for helping me bring this show to Cape Girardeau.  It’s the most enjoyable evening I’ve had in a long time.

All best,

Robert Cerchio, Assistant Director
Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts
Cape Girardeau, MO

A BIG Thanks to Ed and Ron for making it such a great night!

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Chicago Performance

Exciting review from our latest performance of FDR, starring Ed Asner, last week in Chicago at the Roosevelt University Auditorium Theatre!

Ed Asner was an absolute delight as Franklin Roosevelt. We were proud to present his one man show, FDR, in celebration of Roosevelt University’s 70th birthday. FDR’s grand-daughter and great grand-son were in the audience and they were very complimentary about Ed’s portrayal of their family’s patriarch. He displayed FDR’s warmth and humanity and brought that special Asner touch to a complex character familiar to us all. In addition, he was very open and accessible, happily greeting our patrons and even spending an hour in the classroom with our theatre students.

Of course, we already know that Ed is fantastic in his role as FDR—but it’s always great seeing others agree!

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Sunrise at Campobello

Certainly one of the most exciting plays we ever produced was Sunrise at Campobello, the story of Franklin D. Roosevelt during the early 1920s.

We were extremely happy when Dore Schary, a prominent head of MGM, decided to leave Hollywood to concentrate on writing and producing plays in New York!

campo 2

His first play, Sunrise, was excellent!  We opened the play on what would have been Roosevelt’s 76th birthday—January 30, 1958.  It was directed by Vincent J. Donehue and starred Ralph Bellamy as Roosevelt, along with Mary Fickett, Henry Jones, Anne Seymour, Mary Welch, Alan Bunce and more!

The play ran for 16 months with 556 spectacular performances.  It was nominated for 6 Tonys in 1958 and won Best Play, Best Actor, Best Director…

  • Best Play (winner)
  • Outstanding Actor in a Play—Ralph Bellamy (winner)
  • Direction—Vincent J. Donehue (winner)
  • Featured Actor in a Play—Henry Jones (winner)
  • Featured Actress in a Play—Mary Fickett (nominee)

It was great fun producing and working with such talent!  The play itself was so masterfully written and so poignant and inspirational—transcending generations—and that’s why we adapted the play into a one-man show, FDR, which we have been touring all over the United States starring Ed Asner and playing in over 100 theatres during the last 6 years (since 2009).

campo 1

You can read more about our production of Sunrise at Campobello and many more Theatre Guild productions in our book: A pictorial history of the Theatre Guild by Norman Nadel.

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California Success!

ed laguna

Ed Asner recently finished a run November 19th-23rd at the Laguna Beach Playhouse, where he starred in our production of Dore Schary’s FDR.  As you would expect, he did very well and got a lovely review in The Orange County register:

Asner’s Roosevelt is a charming, demanding, uncompromising man of exceptional skill in dealing with people from every walk of life, and the actor imbues him with the kind of gruff bullishness and vitality we’ve seen in him from other roles.

For the full article, go here: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/roosevelt-642800-asner-fdr.html

Of course it’s not a big surprise to us, since he’s played in our production of FDR in more than 100 cities since 2009—and he’s a prime example of why we love producing plays!

It is a great way to sail into the holidays, with hopeful prospects of an amazing 2015 season (we start in Chicago on April 10, 2015)!

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We’re just under 2 weeks away from our play, FDR, written by Dore Schary and starring the amazing Ed Asner performing in Laguna Beach, California at the Playhouse.

As you know Ed has been touring with this role for years—always winning the hearts of theatre-goers everywhere with his commanding performance as one of our most iconic presidents in history!

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune sums it up best when they say:

From the moment Asner wheels himself onto the stage…in an old-fashioned high-backed wooden wheelchair, it’s evident that we’re in the hand of an actor who’s fully in charge of the role.

Click here if you are interested in purchasing tickets or reading more about the Laguna Playhouse. Don’t wait to get your tickets—Ed always packs ‘em in!

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