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Dear Friends,

We just read in the New York Times about how—despite its popularity and awards—Shuffle Along will be closing.  The production company is saying that it is due to the dramatic drop in sales for performances after Tony-awarding winning leading lady, Audra McDonald, goes on maternity leave.

It reminds us all that Broadway—and the theatre in general—can be a very fickle beast!

We remember well a few years (okay, more like 40 years) ago, when we were performing Golda starring Anne Bancroft at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, and the theatre caught fire.  Thankfully no one was hurt—and as luck would have it the theatre across the street—the Shubert—was able to take us in and allow us to let the show go on (just sans the scenery!)!

We congratulate all the wonderful performers in Shuffle Along—and wish them all the very best, whatever their future may hold!


Philip & Marilyn

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At my wife’s encouragement (and by encouragement, I mean she told me to do it or else!), I have been sorting and organizing our files, which have collected decades and decades of Theatre Guild memorabilia.  And this material is way too great not to share!  The memories this (not so) little task is invoking are plentiful, but for now, I’d just like to share a couple of photos of treasures I found in a box tucked away for safe keeping!

PLAYBILLS from the 1950s-70s

 playbill 1 playbill 2

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