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Me The People

Dear Friends,

We want to share an off-Broadway musical with you today called Me The People: The Trump America People.  It is currently showing at the Triad Theatre on West 72nd Street.

It is “just what the columnist ordered—an uproarious take on the craven, self-dealing Trump agenda intent on tearing down our government and building a stupid wall. The show delivers a topical, up-to-the minute mockumentary of red-white-and-orange America.”
me the people
Sarah Downs from Front Row Center says that it is “a clever, satirical revue set to tunes from the Supremes to the Eagles to CeeLo Green. The talented quartet of Aisha Alia Dukes, Mitchel Kawash, Richard Spitaletta and Mia Weinberger sing with exuberance and commitment, doing hilarious impressions of everyone from Sigmund Freud to Jared Kushner to Hillary Clinton.”

Tickets are on sale through September 02, 2017—you definitely don’t want to miss this!  To learn more or buy tickets, click here.

Best regards,
Philp and Marilyn

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Dear Friends,

We just received an email about a play that the New York Times calls “splendid!”

Butler, written by Richard Strand and directed by Joseph Discher, is now playing at the 59E59 Theaters (59 East 59th Street).  It is starring Ames Adamson, John G. Williams, David Sitler, and Ben Sterling.

It is a story based on the real-life events of an escaped slave, who demands sanctuary at Fort Monroe, Virginia from General Butler.  This limited engagement runs through August 28, 2016—so if this is something you are interested in seeing (and we earnestly hope you will be!), then don’t wait to book your tickets!  Call the box office (212-279-4200 for non-members of 59E59 or 646-892-7999 for members) or click here to purchase tickets on line.

Don’t wait!  This is a once a year opportunity!

BroadwayWorld.com says that it is “spirited, intense, often humorous dialogue that makes this show completely captivating…


Best regards,

Philip & Marilyn

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Dear Friends,
We are writing to you today about a very limited engagement of a fantastic play, Sanctuary, by Susanne Sulby, which is billed as a “powerful one-woman show about the universal experience of war across the centuries” and is a play about the impact of war on women.
It is currently playing here in New York off-Broadway until January 23rd at the Lion Theatre (410 W. 42nd Street). 
In her own words, Sulby felt compelled to write this play because she could not keep quiet any longer.

This project began for me many years ago when I was watching coverage of the conflict in Serbo-Croatia. As it unfolded, I was shocked and appalled. I couldn’t believe that after the tragedy of the Nazi Holocoust the world could still tolerate ’Ethnic Cleansing.’ I couldn’t understand how this could be happening.

Last year, this 5-star play ran in Washington, D.C. to rave reviews:

She has created a memorable exploration of what war does to us, and why peace matters. Thank you, Susanne Sulby, for your remarkable solo performance.–DC Metro Theater Arts

From my first viewing of “Sanctuary,” a powerful one-woman show about the universal experience of war across the centuries, I knew this was a different kind of theatre experience.–R. Albu, Go! Magazine

To read more about the play or to purchase tickets, click on the photo above.
PS–We will see if we can get a copy of the play for you, if you’d like.
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Absolute Brightness

Dear Friends,

We have just returned from our vacation and yesterday went to a ONCE IN 10-YEAR EVENT!

At this very moment, an utterly extraordinary play is being performed in New York at the Westside Theatre (407 W. 43rd St. 212-541-8457).  It is called The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey, written by and starring James Lecesne.

As we said above, this is a once-in-10-year theatre event and we strongly urge you to see it.  The orchestra tickets are $85.  You can call the box office for tickets at 212-239-6200 or you can click here and purchase them online.  Performances are Monday through Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm, Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm, and Sunday at 3pm.

Charles Isherwood of the New York Times gave the play a glowing review, which you can read here.

must see ASAP!


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