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What’s In A Name?

Dear Friends,

Today we are writing about something we think about all the time: titles of plays.

So many titles, in our opinion, are not at all helpful to a play’s success.

I remember talking with Richard Rodgers about the title Oklahoma!. While it is very recognizable now, back then it was a really bad idea to name a musical about a lonely, grim sounding state. Of course, the most obvious title would have been to leave it as the same title as the play it was based on: Green Grow The Lilacs, a romantic sounding title.

However, for legal reasons that title could not be used and believe it or not, the title Oklahoma! was about 312th on the list of possibilities.

At any rate, it is so easy to think of titles that would intrigue us into going to see the play of that title.

So we urge you to look at the theatre directory of New York Times and have your thoughts about the titles you see there. Some are very good, others not so much. Which ones catch your eye and makes you want to see them and which ones make you want to stay far, far away?

Philip & Marilyn Langner

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Going For Gold!

Dear Friends,

An absolutely marvelous happening occurred in the last two weeks:

The USA women Olympics team won more medals in Rio than the USA men’s team—61 for women, 55 for men!!!!

Not that we are trying to sound a bit nutty or anti-men, being so happy about this, but we think you know that we are extremely eager to see women’s Equality—or superiority (which our wives will tell you is already happening!).

This is only the second time in the 32 Summer Olympics where this has happened—the first being in London.  There is still a long way to go, so we must celebrate the steps along the way.  Today’s glorious happening: THE WOMEN WON!

To read more about this—hopefully—continuing trend, click here.

Of course, we also want to wish all of our Olympic champions the greatest congratulations!

Rio 2016

Best regards,

Philip & Marilyn

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