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Word Play #1

Who doesn’t love good word play?  These are from I18nGuy.

On the door of an apartment building: This door is not to be used for entering or exiting the building.

Warning Sign: Quicksand, any person passing this point will be drowned, by order of the district council.

Notice in Dry Cleaner’s window: Anyone leaving their garments here for more than 30 days will be disposed of.

At the Safari Park: Elephants, please stay in your car.

In an Office: Would the person who took the step ladder yesterday please bring it back or further steps will be taken.

Sign on Repair Shop: We can repair anything (Please knock hard on the door, the bell doesn’t work.)

Notice sent to residents of Wiltshire Parish: Due to increasing problems with the letter louts and vandals, we must ask anyone with relatives buried in the graveyard to do their best to keep them in order.

Outside a Secondhand Shop: We exchange anything–bicycles, washing machines, etc. Why not bring your wife along and get a wonderful bargain.

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